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CRLSportsUnlimited is owned and operated
by Chuck Leif
5926 Portland Ave
Minneapolis MN 55417
Phone 612-866-2038
Updated January 15, 2018


Welcome to CRL Sports Unlimited. In the pursuit to find the best sports equipment available we have searched the internet for all of the various markets and have put together a package that will fit your needs. You pick the sport whether you are into Golden Gloves Boxing, ages 18-33, Amateur Boxing, Sport Boxing, or KickBoxing. Check out this months specials for handwrap and a kickboxing shirt. All items are new unless specified. The Football gear and hockey gear will be used and in good condition.

If you are ordering more than one item you can check for a special rate for bulk shipping.    New items have been added at a great price.  

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If you live in the Minneapolis area you can get involved with pad work as well as sparring. There is open gym from 1:30 to 5:pm every Sunday no charge. This is for kickboxing as well as boxing. All you need are gloves, mouth guard, cup, and headgear. Call ahead so we can schedule you in on the training for that day. You must show proficiency in pad work before you spar. Call 612-866-2038 to reserve your spot.
The  Holiday Season is now past.  Time to get to the gym and think about keeping in shape and getting rid of all those extra pounds that you have  gained.  Weigh in just once a week and keep track to for weight and  body fat. 
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